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Clairvoyance is the claimed psychic ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception. Any person who is claimed to have such ability is said to be a Clairvoyant “One Who Sees Clearly”.

Pertaining to the ability of clear-sightedness, Clairvoyance refers to the paranormal ability to see persons and events that are distant in time or space. It can be divided into roughly three classes: precognition, the ability to perceive or predict future events, retrocognition, the ability to see past events, and remote viewing, the perception of contemporary events happening outside the range of normal perception.

Ever hear of people suddenly “Seeing” the solution to a problem when they’re relaxing and not actively engaging their minds? For instance, you’re taking a shower and you have a sudden insight into solving a problem at work. The same kind of information might also come to you while you’re meditating or doing yoga. Studies have shown that these practices seem to change our brain-wave activity—often causing our frontal lobe to quiet down. But in my experience, these activities also seem to “Open” people who are psychic even more. Psychic abilities can often sit quietly, then suddenly emerge when we’re not focused on them.

In several religions, stories of certain individuals being able to see things far removed from their immediate sensory perception are commonplace, especially within pagan religions where Oracles were used. Prophecy often involved some degree of Clairvoyance, especially when future events were predicted. This ability has sometimes been attributed to a higher power rather than to the person performing it.

The key is utilizing the four main avenues our intuition uses to communicate with us, known in psychic circles as the “Four Clairs”: Clairaudience (Hearing Voices), Clairvoyance (Seeing Images), Clairsentience (Recognizing Feelings), and Claircognizance (Knowing).

What if someone could look at a photograph and diagnose a person’s body ailments? What if you could tell the past, present and future of a person just by one look? Indian yogis have been known to perform supernatural feats and in what we’re showing you is unprecedented. In a unique event, a Yogi went to the Indian Medical Association in Mumbai and reportedly demonstrated the science of Clairvoyance by diagnosing several patients accurately just by looking at their photographs, in front of a packed audience of doctors. The patients were anonymous, yet the diagnosis was reportedly accurate and instant, and no one could medically explain how it was done.

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