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Magic Walking Stick


Magic Walking Stick

A walking stick is a device used by many people to facilitate balancing while walking. The walking stick has also historically been known to be used as a defensive or offensive weapon, and may conceal a knife or sword as in a swordstick. An is equipped with a steel point and may carry a hook or ice axe on top. More ornate sticks may be adorned with small trinkets or medallions depicting visited territory. Wooden walking-sticks are used for outdoor sports. They can be individually handcrafted from a number of woods and may be personalised with wood carving, or jewelry, or quartz, or stones, or metal engraving plaques.

Walking sticks are used by hikers for a wide variety of purposes: to clear spider webs, or part thick bushes or grass obscuring the trail, as a support when going uphill or a brake when going downhill, as a balance point when crossing streams, swamps or other rough terrain, to feel for obstacles in the path, to test mud and puddles for depth, and as a defence against wild animals.

Fashioned from an upturned sapling, gnarled staff serves as walking stick, magical rod and practical tool for the wandering Wizard of the woods and wilds. At home amid the beasts and trees, has largely eschewed the company of men for the solace of the forest and the companionship of its creatures. With twiggy protrusions serving as a bird’s perch and amid which a cool blue crystal nestles, the Wizard’s twisted staff is ever at his side, supporting him on his long, and frequently spontaneous, rambles through his forest home. His magic walking stick that has the power to take him and whoever he is holding by the hand to any desired place.

Due to the wet nature of these swamps certain trees become infected with a fungus that eats away at the base of the branches, leaving behind a diamond shaped canker when the brach dies off. Inevitably the fungus will kill the tree itself allowing for sustainable harvest, without impacting the local population.

The most common accessory, before or after purchase or manufacture, is a hand strap, to prevent loss of the stick should the hand release its grip. These are often threaded through a hole drilled into the stick rather than tied around. A clip-on frame or similar device can be used to stand a stick against the top of a table. In cold climates, a metallic cleat may be added to the foot of the cane. This dramatically increases traction on ice. The device is usually designed so it can be easily flipped to the side to prevent damage to indoor flooring. Different handles are available to match grips of varying sizes. Rubber ferrules give extra traction on most surfaces. Some walking stick have hollowed-out compartments near the top where flasks or vials of liquids or medication or chemicals or alcohol could be hidden and sprung out on demand.

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