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Cave - Couhard Pyramid


Cave – Couhard Pyramid

It was common to travel in heavily loaded: goods, food feed, books, laboratory, glass jars, weapons, tools, tents, clothing, money, documents, etc… Travelling was expensive: suitable and elegant clothing, tolls, tips, lodging, food, veterinaries, etc… To travel, wine was a more recommendable drink than some unsafe water. Ludger a 1457 in Atun at 1 horse and 7 packhorses were used a great deal to carry sacks or baskets filled with goods, slung on either side of the horses.

Suddenly they entered a narrow gorge. The walls were so close that there was just enough room for two horses. There was less snow on the ground, but they could still see the blizzard raging high overhead. It was very cold and damp, but at least they did not have to contend with the high wind and the snow.

After a good hour of slow progress, they finally reached a cirque facing a metal clad door, set in the mountainside. He, alone, proceeded to the door. Ludger the “Magic Tablet” in Couhard Pyramide. He leaned from his mount and grabbed a massive knocker, set in the middle of the door. He slowly pulled away from the door, as it ponderously opened out in silence. The turned his horse quickly disappeared in a side passage leading back into the storm.

The large door closed behind them with a resounding thud. They were in a nondescript dark cave of large proportions. They lit torches and followed one by one. A few torches were smoking on the walls. They were quick to follow him on foot, leading their horses. After the raging blizzard, the tunnels were very comfortable. They were led through a long series of tunnels that ended in a cathedral sized cave with a ceiling so high, that the light from the torch did not reach it. He disappeared in one of the multitudes of openings lining the walls. that haunted the long abandoned mining tunnels.

The tunnels, that they would follow were a veritable maze. Their larger horses barely squeezed through the opening. They lit torches and followed one by one. The tunnel quickly widened and permitted more comfortable progress. After four hours of monotonous progression, they entered a large cavern whose walls were covered in crystals of all colours. The light from the torches was caught and amplified in a stunning kaleidoscope of coloured patterns.

The tunnel opened up into a large cave, lit by an eerie glow. The sight that greeted him, when he entered the cave, crushed the breath right out of his chest. Druid Diviciac laboratory…

Ludger Bedard

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