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The Chupacabras literally “Goat-Sucker”; from Spanish: Chupa, “Sucks”, and Cabras, “Goats” is a legendary creature in the folklore of parts of the Americas. The name comes from the animal’s reported vampirism the Chupacabras is said to attack and drink the blood of livestock, chickens, farm animals, pet, and including goats. When it sucks blood, it allegedly makes an odd noise.

Physical descriptions of the creature vary. In Puerto Rico and in Hispanic America it is generally described as a heavy creature, reptilian and alien-like, roughly the size of a small bear, and with a row of spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail, while in the Southwestern United States it is depicted as more dog-like.

Initial sightings and accompanying descriptions first occurred in Puerto Rico. The creature has since been reported as far north as Maine, as far south as Chile, and even outside the Americas in countries like Russia and Philippines.

Initially, it was suspected that the killings were committed by a Satanic cult; later more killings were reported around the island, and many farms reported loss of animal life. Each of the animals was reported to have had its body bled dry through a series of small circular incisions.

Shortly after the first reported incidents in Puerto Rico, other animal deaths were reported in other countries, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, and the United States.

It was a creature that looked like the Chupacabras, with spines on its back and all… The resemblance to the Chupacabras was really impressive. It believed that the creatures and events she saw were happening in reality in Puerto Rico at the time, and therefore concludes that the most important Chupacabras.

The most common description of the chupacabra is that of a reptile-like creature, said to have leathery or scaly greenish-gray skin and sharp spines or quills running down its back. It is said to be approximately 3 to 4 feet (0.9 to 1.2 Meters) high, and stands and hops in a fashion similar to that of a kangaroo. This description was the chief one given to the few Puerto Rican reports in that claimed to have sighted the creature, with similar reports in parts of Chile and Argentina following.

The Chupacabras had been blamed for more than 1,000 mysterious animal deaths, all resulting from blood loss through one or more puncture wounds. In that time, several more eyewitnesses came forward, consistently describing the creature as being monkey-like, but having no tail. They characterized it has having large oval red eyes that sometimes glowed, gray skin, a long snake-like tongue, fangs, and long spinal quills that may double as wings. Those who saw it say the Chupacabras stands between four and five feet tall, hops like a kangaroo, and leaves a foul, sulfur-like stench. At the site of some deaths, unidentified three-toed tracks were found.

Another common description of the Chupacabras is of a strange breed of wild dog. This form is mostly hairless and has a pronounced spinal ridge, unusually pronounced eye sockets, fangs, and claws. This description started to appear in the early from reports trailing north from the Yucatán Peninsula, northern Mexico, and then into the United States; becoming the predominant description since. Unlike conventional predators, the Chupacabras is said to drain all of the animal’s blood and sometimes organs usually through three holes in the shape of a downwards-pointing triangle, but sometimes through only one or two holes.

There were reports of suspected Chupacabras in Manipur, India. Many domestic animals and poultry were killed in a manner similar to other Chupacabras attacks, and several people reported that they had seen creatures.

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