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Magic Bag


Magic Bag

Magic Bag is an amulet consisting of a flannel bag containing one or more magical items. It is a “Prayer In A Bag”, or a spell that can be carried with or on the host’s body. The creation of Magic Bags is an esoteric system that involves sometimes housing spirits inside of bags for either protection, healing, or harm and to consult with spirits. Other times Magic Bags are created to manifest results in a person’s life such as good-luck, money or love.

Magic Bags using leather or cloth and placed feathers, animal bones, animal teeth, claws, animal parts, roots, lucky hand root, herbs, bean, ceramics, glass beads, minerals, coins, crystals, good luck tokens, amulets, lizard’s tail, rabbit’s foot, a fish eye, snake skins, a beetle and other ingredients for protection. The more personalized objects are used to add extra power because of their symbolic value. Magic Bags can be hung from trees, tied to a string, worn underneath the clothes to cause an effect on the target. Magic Bags usually made by a respected community conjure Witchcraft Doctor. Natural ingredients have their own indwelling spirit that can be utilized in Magic Bags to bring luck and protection.

Witchcraft where it is said to drive away evil spirits, keep good luck in the household, manipulate a fortune, and lure and persuade lovers. The ideology of the ancestors and the descendants of the Magic Bag used this “Prayer In A Bag” based on their belief of spiritual inheritance, by which the omniscient forefathers of their families would provide protection and favor, especially when they used the Magic Bag. Through this, a strong belief was placed in the idealism of whoever used Witchcraft, creating a spiritual trust in the magic itself.

There is a process to fixing a proper Magic Bag. A ritual must be put in place in order to successfully prepare a Magic Bag by being filled and awakened to life. This can be done by smoking incense and candles, or it may be breathed upon to bring it to life. Prayers may be said, and other methods may be used to accomplish this essential step. Once prepared, the Magic Bag is “Dressed” or “Fed” with a liquid such as alcohol, perfume, or water. The reason it is said to feed the Magic Bag to keep it working is that it is alive with spirit.

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