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Spirit Guide Coyote


Spirit Guide Coyote

Sly like a fox, fierce like a wolf, and persistent as can be, the coyote is one of nature’s most cunning creatures. It’s no wonder, then, that so many cultural traditions see the coyote as the consummate trickster. While wolves can rely on their physical prowess, the much smaller coyote must be sneaky, stealthy, and smart in order to satisfy its appetite. Amongst humans, this canine often gets a bad rap. Coyotes are known to intrude into yards and snatch unattended pets on occasion. It’s important, though, that we remember that this majestic animal was here long before any of the homes or gardens where it is now so unwelcome.

Coyote’s are intelligent, sociable, and tenacious. Look beyond the coyote’s nuisance reputation and you’ll find an animal that is both fascinating and beautiful. Read on to learn more about the meaning of the coyote.

In general, coyotes symbolize cleverness, cunning and intelligence. The coyote is known for its wiliness and guile. In some instances, this clever nature imbues the coyote with positive symbolism. Some think of the coyote as intelligent and adaptable. In other cases, though, the coyote’s cunning is seen as the mark of a coward. The trickster coyote is sometimes thought of as an underhanded cheating type.

One of the most distinctive traits of the coyote is its voice. Throughout North America, the coyote can be heard howling and yipping, especially in the evening. The sounds of the coyote are often thought of as haunting or eerie, however many find them to be beautiful. Coyote yips are often interpreted as sounding like peals of laughter. Coyotes, then, can represent communication, playfulness, and expression. Coyotes are known to form monogamous pairs which bond to one another fiercely. Bonded coyote pairs are observed to separate only when one of the pair dies. As such, the coyote can be connected with loyalty, faithfulness, and romance.

Dreaming of a howling coyote may indicate a need to express oneself creatively. Coyotes are incredibly vocal and unafraid to share what’s on their minds. Make sure you are being authentic with yourself and not stifling areas of your personality.

Dreaming of a pack of coyotes may signify loneliness. Coyotes defend their territories in packs which are socially complex and consist of many monogamous pairs. Dreaming of such a pack may indicate a desire to find your own “Pack” to run with.

The coyote totem animal is associated with cycles and transitions. This totem often connects people with their youth and reminds them that growing up means growing into oneself not out of the child you once were. The coyote totem is potent in those who work with children and teens as this totem animal is empathetic and gifted at healing and easing others through life’s transitions.

The coyote power animal is associated with shapeshifting and fluidity. People with the coyote power animal cannot shapeshift literally, but they do have the ability to intuit, understand, and then imitate the behaviors that others expect of them.

The power of the coyote comes from the ability to know oneself and to accept and embrace change. With these too tools in one’s arsenal, learning to be a highly adaptable version of oneself is a simple matter. This adaptability helps the coyote power animal navigate life’s challenges with fluidity and grace. In that respect, I find coyotes quite admirable.

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