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The Couhard Pyramid


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The Couhard Pyramid


The Couhard Pyramid


The Couhard Pyramid


Owain ap Gruffydd, Nicolas, Perenelle, and Anne-Marie to the Cae’rarfau Chambered Cave.

University of Paris, University of Bologna, University of Oxford, University of Vienna, University of Heidelberg, University of Florence, University of Montpellier, University of Angers, University of Cambridge, Etc..

Ludger student could leave the university or pursue further studies in one of the higher faculties medicine, the last one being the most prestigious Doctorate Degree. Him Ludger cover many subjects including medicine, physics, biology, zoology, metaphysics, logic, ethics, aesthetics, poetry, theatre, music, rhetoric, psychology, linguistics, historian, archaeology, economics, politics, meteorology, geology and government.


Autun knew in the founded by the Romans like Augustodunum, sister and emulator of Rome at the beginning of the reign of the Emperor Augustus, Gallo-Roman capital of the Eduens replacing Bibracte, bishopric from antiquity, autun is until the end of the 15th century a Prosperous city and an influential cultural center, despite looting and invasions.

In Renaissance Europe, philosophical interest in the remains of Greco-Roman civilization and the rediscovery of classical culture began in the late Middle Ages. Ludger, an humanist historian, created a systematic guide to the ruins and topography of ancient Autun in the early for which he has been called an early founder of archaeology.

Couhard Pyramide

This monument was undoubtedly built in the first century. Only the inner block has reached us. It was covered with a regular siding forming a pyramid and reached about 33 meter. The stone stood in one of the great necropolis of the city: the cemeteries of all Roman cities were still outside the walls. The Couhard Pyramide whose interpretation gave rise to many controversies, was therefore most likely a funeral monument: a tomb covering the remains of a deceased, or a cenotaph, celebrating his memory. The old necropolis of the “field of urns” in Autun.

The latter, who hoped to fall on an inner room, found nothing, the building being fills. The monument aroused many recalls that many saw the Druid Diviciac. The basis of the monument is found a “Magic Tablet” lead of the II century with Latin and Greek inscriptions, as well as a large cross.

Druid Diviciac

The druid is inseparable from the history of Gaul; He is part of society. Druid Diviciac stayed in Rome in the 60s-59 BCs. penetrated with Roman culture, he was the friend of Caesar. After these twenty years of training and after receiving a physical and military education, Diviciac was worthy of perpetuating the druidic tradition. The prediction and divination soon have no secrets for him, not more than the thirty-six constellations which, according to the Gauls, governed time and illustrated the conscience of men. We know the fear of the Celts that the sky does not fall on their heads on the head. This fear seems to find his explanation in the importance of these constellations.

Like other druids, Diviciac went to perfect his knowledge in the island of Ogyrie “five days of navigation of Brittany”, an island that had a reputation for being “A Lovely Sweetness”, where the gods were conversing with Humans, where “birds brought to the god ambrosia, where Saturn himself remained in a deep cave and slept under a shiny rock like gold, where the demons that surrounded him possessed the gift of prophecy”, Where the God of Druids made revelations in a dream of his disciples. These having to remain secret according to the druids, allowed knowledge to evolve and rejuvenate. As a druid, Diviciac had not only didactic functions he also exercised a religious, political, military and legal role, while acting on the advice of “Intermediary Between The Gods And Men”.

Ludger the “Magic Tablet” in the year 1457 in Couhard Pyramide in a cave.

Ludger Bedard

Book Of Shadows


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Book Of Shadows


Book Of Shadows

The Book of Shadows is used to store information you’ll need in your magical tradition should be handwritten. Book Of Shadows is considered a sacred tool, which means it is an item of power that should be consecrated with all of your other magical tools. In many traditions, it is believed you should copy spells and rituals into your Book of Shadows by hand; this not only transfers energy to the writer, but it also helps you to memorize the contents. Make sure you write legibly enough that you’ll be able to read your notes during a ritual. The only contents found in a grimoire would be information on spells, rituals, the preparation of magical tools, and lists of ingredients and their magical correspondences.

Organizing Your Book Of Shadows

To make your Book of Shadows, begin with a blank notebook. A popular method is to use a three-ring binder so items can be added and rearranged as needed. If you use this style of Book of Shadows, you can use sheet protectors as well, which is great for preventing candle wax and other ritual drippings from getting on the pages. Whatever you select, your title page should include your name.

The biggest dilemma with any Book of Shadows is how to keep it organized. You can use tabbed dividers, create an index at the back, or if you’re really super-organized, a table of contents in the front. As you study and learn more, you’ll have more information to include, which is why the three-ring binder is such a practical idea.

If you find a rite, spell or piece of information somewhere else, be sure to note down the source. It will help you keep things straight in the future, and you’ll start to recognize patterns in authors’ works. You may also want to add a section that includes books you’ve read, as well as what you thought of them. This way, when you get a chance to share information with others, you’ll remember what you’ve read. Regardless, find the method that works best for you, and take good care of your Book of Shadows. After all, it’s a sacred object and should be treated accordingly.

What to Include in Your Book of Shadows

When it comes to the contents of your personal Book of Shadows, there are a few sections that are nearly universally included.

  • Laws of Your Coven or Tradition
  • A Dedication, Name
  • Gods and Goddesses
  • Correspondence Tables
  • Sabbats, Esbats, and Other Rituals
  • Sacred Texts
  • Magical Recipes
  • Spell Crafting
  • Sacred Herbs
  • Magical Oils
  • Incense
  • Phases Of The Moon
  • Stones And Crystals
  • Color
  • Candles
  • Spell
  • Etc…

The Digital Book of Shadows

We’re all on the go pretty much constantly, and if you’re someone who prefers to have your Book of Shadows immediately accessible and editable at any time, you might want to consider a digital Book of Shadows. It is believed you should copy spells and rituals into your Book of Shadows by hand.

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Coordinate Remote Viewing


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Coordinate Remote Viewing


Coordinate Remote Viewing


Coordinate Remote Viewing

Coordinate Remote Viewing was a secret U.S. Army unit by the Defense Intelligence Agency to investigate the potential for psychic phenomena in military and domestic intelligence applications, exploration of New Age concepts and the potential military applications of the paranormal.

The strongest of all of my reasons is the continuing and truly frightening cultism associated with the remote viewing field. The nature of the methods being a secret has been the primary sponsor and excuse for this to continue. The “doctrinization” of the methods has created a belief system about them being a rigid end-to-themselves. Groups and schools have, for an inordinate amount of money usually, recruited members of the public impressed by the military history of CRV, and put them in an environment which amounts to little more than cult indoctrination and has nothing whatsoever to do with any aspect of Coordinate Remote Viewing which inspired the public’s potential respect.

At the conclusion of our training, and with a number of successful operational and training projects under out belts to show that Coordinate Remote Viewing really did work, the further decision was madeto try and capture in as pure a form as possible the methodology. The reasoning was that we might never get any more out-of-house training approved, yet we needed to be able to perpetuate the methodology even after the folks with the “Institutional Memory” eventually left the unit.

The training procedure requires that the trainee learn a progressive, multi-stage acquisition process postulated to correspond to increased contact with the site. At present there are six “Stages” of training. In general, these stages progress as follows:

  • Stage I Sites: Islands, mountains, deserts, etc.
  • Stage II Sites: Sites of quality sensory value, sites which are uniquely describable through touch, taste, sound, color, or odor, such as glaciers, volcanoes, industrial plants, etc.
  • Stage III Sites: Sites possessing significant dimensional characteristics such as buildings, bridges, airfields, etc.
  • Stage IV Sites: Sites for which the trainee begins to form qualitative mental percepts technical area, military feeling, research, etc.
  • Stage V Sites: Sites for which the trainee learns to “Interrogate” qualitative mental percepts in an attempt to product analytical target descriptions, aircraft tracking radar, biomedical research facility, tank production plant, etc.
  • Stage VI Sites: Sites which involve the trainee in direct, three-dimensional assessment and modeling of the site and/or the relationship of site elements to one another, airplanes inside one of three camouflaged hangars or a military compound with a command building, barracks, motor pool, and underground weapons storage area, etc.

He distinguishes pseudoscience from science by describing it as a hypothesis inconsistent with the known laws of physics, but one which cannot be falsified. In his argues that pseudoscience tends not to be updated in the face of newly obtained evidence, and he highlights the difficulty in clearly demarcating pseudoscience from the paranormal. He also postulates that if paranormal abilities such as clairvoyance or precognition were possible. Everything is energy and energy is everything. The Universe is always speaking to you, and in this course you will learn just how to listen. Come learn the quantum perspective of the Universe by transcending space and time.

Report a Coordinate Remote Viewing? Have some Coordinate Remote Viewing footage or a movie camera or a video camera? Have some Coordinate Remote Viewing a picture? The Sassquatch’s Lair, www.sassquatch.org, Paranormal, Name, Email, Comment or Message, Submit…

Dr. Scientist

One Way Ticket To Talenthar – Epilogue


Two months had passed since the attack on the Gates of Doom. Summer was soon approaching. The kingdom was slowly recovering from twenty years of war. Magic was once again flowing through the land. The rumours of unrest in the Empire across the Sea of Dreams, were soon forgotten in the elation that followed the victory. The dark races had been banished, deep into the Howling Mountains. The only dark spot was that Magdar’s body had disappeared during the commotion that followed the attack. It was said to have been taken by trolls, deep into the mountains. They could dispose of it as well as the King.

Ludger was laying in bed, at home, thinking. Nathalia’s hair formed a dark metallic cloud around her head, resting on the crisp percale pillowcase. His future, in this world, looked bright. In a few weeks a double ceremony would give him the title of Duke of the Mist of Dreams, as well as wed him to Nathalia.

The day to day affairs of this world, now that the excitement of the war was gone, left him wanting for more. He was planning to explore this world in the company of Nathalia. His fiancée stirred on the bed beside him. Thinking of her always brought a smile to his face.

She turned to him, coiling her naked body against his. She rested her cheek on his shoulder and blew a stream of air in his ear. She looked at him with sleepy eyes. With a yawn she said.

“Are you still bored? Does life as to be boring to you if there is no quest to follow or damsel-in-distress to rescue?”

“I am not bored. My hands are full, as it is, of a particular damsel-in-distress that I have rescued. I am no longer in that business. I don’t think that I could handle more.”

She playfully bit one of his nipples and said.

“Do you still plan to go exploring the world? We should stay in Talenthar. The nightlife is much better.”

“How do you know that? When we are out there, we never go out. You always keep me locked up in the bedroom.”

“Do you complain?”

“No…, but I am not getting any younger. You will drain me of all my energy. You still have not told me, how you know about the nightlife.”

“Maria told me. She says it is fantastic. She also showed me many other tricks.” She looked around the room and continued, whispering in his ear. “You would not have, by any chance, any soft butter laying around the room? I would like to show you one of those tricks.”

Ludger thought that he definitively had a lot to look forward to, whether he decided to travel or not.


For Now

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From 1990: One Way Ticket To Talenthar

The Sass

Talenthar, Gun, Remington XP-100

Remington XP-100 Mk01

Remington XP-100 Mk02

Remington XP-100 Mk03

Remington XP-100 Mk04

Remington XP-100 Mk05

The Remington XP-100 (from eXperimental Pistol number 100) is a bolt action pistol produced by Remington Arms from 1963 to 1998. The XP-100 was one of the first handguns designed for long range shooting, and introduced the .221 Remington Fireball (often called .221 Fireball), which is still the fastest handgun cartridge ever produced by a major ammunition maker. The XP-100 was noted for its accuracy and is still competitive today in the sport of handgun varminting, which it helped create.


The XP-100 was based on Remington’s short action bolt action carbine, the Remington Model 40X, which influenced the later Remington Model 600 rifle. The XP-100 was initially introduced with a 10¾” barrel set into a nylon stock with an unusual center-mounted grip. Chambered in .222 Remington in early prototypes, the short barrel produced significant noise and muzzle flash. Subsequently the case was shortened to reduce powder capacity to a volume more suited to the shorter barrel of a pistol. The resulting cartridge, the .221 Fireball, produced factory loaded velocities of over 825 m/s (2700 ft/s) from the short barrel, and accuracy rivaling the parent .222 Remington, one of the most accurate cartridges made.

All but the XP-100R model were single shot designs, while the XP-100R had a small internal magazine (holding four rounds), similar to most bolt action rifles. The R model – for “repeater” – was made 1991-1997 in .223 Rem., .250 Savage, 7mm-08 Rem., .308 Win., .35 Rem., and 350 Rem. Mag. It was reintroduced in 1998, this time without sights, in .223 Rem., .22-250 Rem., .260 Rem., and .35 Rem.

Model History

The XP-100 went through a number of changes during its production run, and many variations were only available through the Remington Custom shop. The most significant changes in the later versions were to barrel length, which went to 14½”, and the grip location, which was moved to the rear of the stock. The calibers changed; with the elimination of the original 10¾” barrel, the reduced powder capacity was no longer such a requirement, and the chamberings switched to standard commercial rifle cartridges. By the time the XP-100 was discontinued, it faced stiff competition from other bolt-action pistols such as the Savage Striker as well as the versatile Thompson Center Arms break-action Contender.

Model Production by Year

  • XP-100 (1963-1985)
  • XP-100 Varmint Special (1986-1992)
  • XP-100 Silhouette (1980-1997)
  • XP-100 Hunter (1993-1994)
  • XP-100 Custom (1986-1997)
  • XP-100R (1998)
  • XR-100 (2005-Present)

Caliber Production by Year

  • .221 Remington Fireball (1963-1985)
  • 7 mm BR Remington (1980-1985)
  • .223 Remington (1986-1997), (2005-Present in XR-100)
  • .35 Remington (1986-1997)
  • .250 Savage (1990-1992) Custom Shop only
  • 6 mm BR Remington (1990-1992) Custom Shop only
  • .22-250 Remington (1992-1994) Custom Shop only, (2005-Present in XR-100)
  • .308 Winchester (1992-1994) Custom Shop only
  • 7 mm-08 Remington (1993-1994)
  • .204 Ruger (2005-Present in XR-100)

Current Production

The XP-100 action was used as the basis for a new single-shot rifle from Remington called the XR-100 Rangemaster.

While the XP-100 has disappeared from Remington’s lineup (Remington is primarily a maker of rifles and shotguns), the .221 Fireball remains in production. The Model 700 rifle has been available since 2002 in a .221 Fireball chambering; while it lacks the velocity attainable with the vastly more popular .223 Remington, the short .221 Fireball delivers most of the performance with far less noise and flash.

The Sass