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I would like to introduce my husband Luc Paquin (The Sass). Luc had stroke on September 2013, due this he has an aphasia condition, and it is complicated for him to communicate but he has been working in projects by himself. He really would like to have the opportunity to get back to work. He thinks that with his abilities he will be capable to work again.

In the past he has been working on Invention, Innovation, Authority, Expert, “Savant”, Consultant, Dentists and Biologists.

Lens LED, LCDShield, golf and a doorway to your inner self.

After all what Luc has worked to recuperate his movement in his right side, he got the idea to build a glove to make people like him to recuperate their movement with their hands and after that he would like to build some support for arm, leg and foot. He is looking for an investor or investors who want to invest in the prototype. If you know somebody who wants to do this, we will appreciate a lot your help.

I am sending you the links where you can see some of his projects:

The Sassquatch’s Lair – Writer, Photo…

Ludgermanito Artist – Photo, Jewelry, Metal, Wood, Paint, Electronic…

Luc Paquin

Don Luc – Electronics…

JLP Consultants – IT & Technology Projects and Consulting, Electronic Hardware Design and Integration, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Conference Services…

JLP Consultants

iGourmand – Food, Wine, Beer, Drink, Restaurant…

Norma Paquin


Norma & Luc

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